Verkligen haft en otroligt dålig vecka. Inte klokt ! Inget har liksom fått mig på bättre humör. Jo, guldglimtar har det väl varit allt. Ikväll ska jag ut med tjejerna, vilket jag hoppas ska vända denna vecka.

Just nu ligger jag och sätter ihop en Spotify lista och skickar iväg lite låtar till killarna jag tänkt jobba med så de lite grann kan lära känna mig som artist.

Denna ska vi nog göra om t ex. Kär låt, men den måste nog vara på engelska och med ett nytt beat. Lyssna gärna här och ge mig feed back

Hiya guys !!

Thanks so much for coming back ! I’ve had kind of a shitty week and I’m glad it’s almost over. Tho next week will be a bit weird as well since I wont be getting much work done. I’m going back to Sweden for like only a day to be a part of my father’s gig in Stockholm. Gonna be a blast. Then my mother is gonna come with me back to London which will also be great. Tho, as said, won’t be any work done if I know myself properly. Then two weekd after that I’m going home for Christmas, so I think things will really start off next year when I have my team and my image photos taken.

Right now I’m kinda putting together a Spotify List to send to my guys who I’m gonna start creating new stuff with. To give them an idea of what we should sound like. It’s very variated but think it’ll give them an idea.

Also I’m sending them some of the songs I’ve been working on in the past that really need an update. One of them are a Swedish song I made that needs new lyrics and a new beat. Let me know what you think here !

All the best